Crash site Kallang airport, Singapore
Airline BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation)
Aircraft Lockheed  L-749A Constellation  –  G-ALAM  –  Belfast      c/n 2554     1947
Route Sydney – Darwin – Jakarta – Singapore – Karachi – Beirut – Rome – London
Crew 9  –  7 survivors
Passengers 31  –  0 survivors


The crash

At 14:34 on the final approach to the runway at Kallang airport the plane was too low and hit a sea wall, bounced and landed 80 yards past the runway threshold, damaging the undercarriage and causing a leak from one of the fuel tanks. The undercarriage collapsed and the aircraft slid until the starboard wing broke off. The remainder of the aircraft rolled to the right, coming to rest upside down with the fuselage in two pieces. The plane was already on fire when it came to rest.

The crash was attributed to poor execution of the approach due to crew tiredness, which exacerbated the pilot’s decision to touch down near the end of the runway.


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