Air Crashes

Here is a list of the air crashes from which I have recorded mail related to the Nordic countries.

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Date Crash site Airline Aircraft
1922-07-26 Spain CGEA Bréguet
1925-11-10 Denmark Junkers Luftverkehr AG Junkers
1925-12-11 Spain CGEA Latécoère
1928-06-06 Iceland Flugfélag Islands Junkers
1928-12-15 Spain CGA Latécoère
1930-05-10 Argentina CGA Latécoère
1930-08-06 Sweden Deutsche Lufthansa Junkers
1930-09-21 USA National Air Transport Boeing
1930-12-22 USA Western Air Express Fokker
1931-11-13 South Africa Union Airways De Havilland
1931-11-26 Malaya Australian Nat. Airways Avro
1931-12-06 Thailand (Siam) KLM Fokker
1932-01-29 North. Rhodesia Imperial Airways De Havilland
1932-01-29 Tanganyika Imperial Airways De Havilland
1932-02-13 Fr. Somaliland Ethiopian Government Farman
1932-02-27 Brazil CGA Latécoère
1932-03-16 Spain CGA Latécoère
1933-01-13 Greece Deutsche Lufthansa Junkers
1934-05-03 Brazil Syndicato Condor Junkers
1934-07-06 Sweden ABA Northrop
1935-01-14 Germany Deutsche Lufthansa Heinkel
1935-02-27 Iraq Imperial Airways Handley Page
1935-07-14 Netherlands KLM Fokker
1935-07-17 Iran KLM Douglas
1935-11-02 Burma Imperial Airways Armstrong Whitworth
1935-11-03 Kenya Imperial Airways Armstrong Whitworth
1935-11-04 Brazil Air France Latécoère
1935-12-31 Egypt Imperial Airways Short
1936-06-16 Norway DNL Junkers
1936-08-12 Germany British Airways De Havilland
1936-08-22 Greece Imperial Airways Short
1936-09-15 Great Britain British Airways De Havilland
1936-12-15 USA Western Air Express Boeing
1937-01-26 Algeria Sabena Sabca Savoia-Marchetti  
1937-03-12 Gambia Deutsche Lufthansa Heinkel
1937-03-27 Peru LAN Chile Potez
1937-10-01 Greece Imperial Airways Short
1937-12-05 Italy Imperial Airways Short
1938-02-09 France Air France Lioré-et-Olivier
1938-02-22 France Deutsche Lufthansa Junkers
1938-03-23 France Air France Dewoitine
1938-10-01 Switzerland Deutsche Lufthansa Junkers
1939-05-01 Mozambique Imperial Airways Short
1939-05-02 Morocco Air France Dewoitine
1939-06-12 India Imperial Airways Short
1939-08-15 Denmark British Airways Lockheed
1939-08-31 Germany Deutsche Lufthansa Junkers
1940-06-14 Estonia Aero O/Y Junkers
1941-01-10 China      ?      ?
1941-10-03 Puerto Rico Pan American Airways Sikorsky
1941-11-07 Finland Aero O/Y Junkers
1942-01-24 Germany Deutsche Lufthansa Focke Wulf
1942-04-11 USA United Air Lines         ?
1942-12-18 Austria DDL Junkers
1943-02-22 Portugal Pan American Airways Boeing
1943-08-17 Great Britain BOAC De Havilland
1944-04-21 Norway Deutsche Lufthansa Douglas
1944-08-08 Cuba Pan American Airways Sikorsky
1944-08-29 Sweden BOAC Lockheed
1944-11-29 Sweden Deutsche Lufthansa Focke Wulf
1945-07-12 India ? ?
1945-10-25 Malta BOAC Douglas
1945-10-31 Finland Aero O/Y Junkers
1945-12-31 France U.S. Army Air Force Douglas
1946-07-09 USA U.S. Army Air Force Boeing
1946-09-03 Denmark Air France Douglas
1946-10-11 USA Eastern Air Lines  Douglas 
1946-11-14 Netherlands KLM  Douglas 
1947-01-26 Denmark KLM Douglas
1947-03-13 Iceland Loftleidir Grumman 
1947-08-23 Bahrain BOAC  Short 
1947-08-28 Norway DNL  Short
1947-12-29 Denmark DDL  Vickers 
1948-07-04 Great Britain SAS  Douglas 
1948-07-14 France BOAC  Douglas
1948-10-02 Norway DNL Short
1948-12-06 Italy Avio Linee Italiane  Douglas 
1948-12-21 Greece CSA  Douglas 
1949-02-08 Denmark SAS  Vickers 
1950-05-15 Norway DNL Short
1950-06-14 Bahrain Air France Douglas
1952-01-10 Great Britain Aer Lingus Douglas
1952-03-03 France Air France SNCASE
1952-03-22 Germany KLM Douglas
1952-03-23 Thailand KLM Lockheed
1953-05-02 India BOAC De Havilland
1954-01-10 Italy BOAC De Havilland
1954-01-14 Italy Philippine Airlines Douglas
1955-02-13 Italy Sabena Douglas
1956-01-28 France Air France Douglas
1956-11-07 Norway Braathens SAFE De Havilland
1957-08-15 Denmark Aeroflot Ilyushin
1958-05-18 Morocco Sabena Douglas
1958-08-03 Greenland U.S. Navy Helicopter
1961-12-21 Turkey BEA De Havilland
1962-08-20 Brazil Panair do Brasil Douglas
1963-02-02 Denmark  Cimber Air  Piper 
1963-04-14 Norway Icelandair Vickers
1965-11-08 Denmark Royal Danish Air Force Douglas
1966-01-24 France Air India Boeing
1970-02-21 Switzerland Swissair Convair
1970-04-19 Italy SAS Douglas
1970-07-05 Canada Air Canada Douglas
1970-09-26 Faroe Islands Icelandair Fokker
1973-01-30 Norway SAS Douglas
1973-07-11 France Varig Boeing
1974-01-16 USA TWA Boeing
1974-11-20 Kenya Deutsche Lufthansa Boeing
1978-04-29 Colombia L.A.C. Douglas
1982-03-11 Norway  Widerøe De Havilland Canada
1985-08-02 USA Delta Air Lines Lockheed
1986-03-04 Sweden  Muk Air  Partenavia 
1988-01-29 France Inter Cargo Service Vickers
1988-05-06 Norway Widerøe De Havilland Canada
1991-01-17 Denmark  Muk Air  Cessna 
2016-01-08 Sweden West Atlantic Bombardier




Here is a list of air crashes which are known to have carried mail related to the Nordic countries, but where no Nordic mail has been recorded.


Date Crash site Airline Aircraft
1930-07-07 Denmark Deutsche Lufthansa Dornier Wal
1946-01-22 Germany Air France Douglas
1948-02-12 Germany DDL Douglas
1957-11-17 Denmark BEA Vickers
1962-05-12 Greenland Eastern Provincial Airw. Consolidated
1963-11-08 Finland Finnish Airlines (Finnair) Douglas
1967-10-12 Greece BEA De Havilland
1969-01-13 USA SAS Douglas