As mentioned earlier this website in not only about my own collection, but also an attempt to build up a database of Nordic Air Crash Mail.
Therefore I need the help from fellow collectors who can support and add information for the site.
So if You have any items related to this subject please send me scans and further information.
Only this way we can achieve my goal.
Share the knowledge !!
I have through the years been supported by the following friends:


Harri Ala-Honkola, Finland  –  (website)
Zvi Aloni, Israel
Knut Arveng, Norway
Jan Bendix, Denmark
Koos Bisheuvel, Netherlands
Jacques Bot, Netherlands
Paul Cahill, England
Martin Christiansen, Denmark
Ulf Ekenstierna, Sweden
Atle Fossmark, Norway
Christian Geissmann, Switzerland  –  (website)
Jim Graue, USA
Marko Haavisto, Finland
Svein Arne Hansen, Norway
Bo Bjerre Jakobsen, Denmark
Hannu Kauppi, Finland
Vagn Lundø, Denmark
Torben Mehl, Denmark
Bjørn Muggerud, Norway
Rob Mulder, Norway  –  (website)
Andrew Norris, England.
Brian Peace, England  –  (website)
Torben Ringtved, Denmark
Leif Ruud, Sweden  –  (website)
Per Rønberg, Denmark  –  (website)
Ken Sanford, USA  –  (website)
Bjørn Schøyen, Norway
Hallvard Slettebø, Norway  –  (website)
Josh Spoor, England
Ulf Stenquist, Sweden
Torben Norup Sørensen, Denmark
Egil H. Thomassen, Norway
John Torstad, Norway
Kaj Ullerup, Denmark
Arne Utne, Norway
Ronny Vogt, Switzerland
Fredrik Ydell, Sweden
Gunnar Zetterman, Sweden

The next on the list could very well be YOU.