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The Wreck & Crash Mail Society (click here)

Svensk olyckspost (Swedish Wreck & Crash Mail) (click here)

Philatelic Exhibits by Hallvard Slettebø (click here)

Crash Mail  –  Website of Michael Dawe  (click here)


List of books
 Title and Author   Reference code
A History of Wreck Covers, 3rd Edition 1966 by A. E. Hopkins   Hopkins
Air Crash Mail of Imperial Airways and predecessor Airlines by Kendall C. Sanford (2003)   Sanford
Aircraft Movements on Imperial Airways’ Eastern Route 1927-1937 by Peter Wingent (1999)   Wingent
Aircraft Movements on Imperial Airways’ Eastern Route 1937-1939 by Peter Wingent (2005)   Wingent
American Air Mail Catalogue, Volume I, Sixth Edition by American Air Mail Society (1998)   AAMC
 Australasian Crash Mail and Other Incidents. Volume One: 1917-1930 (2015)   Peace
Bridging the Continents in Wartime – Important Airmail Routes 1939-1945 by Hans E. Aitink and Egbert Hovenkamp (2005 reprint 2013)   Aitink/Hovenkamp
Courrier Recupere / Recovered Mail 1918-1978 by Henri L. Nierinck (First edition)   Nierinck I
Courrier Recupere / Recovered Mail 1910-1936 by Henri L. Nierinck (Second Edition in two volumes)   Nierinck II
Courrier Recupere / Recovered Mail 1937-1988 by Henri L. Nierinck (Second Edition in two volumes)   Nierinck II
Crash Covers – An Aerophilatelich Challenge by Joseph L. Eisendrath (1979)   Eisendrath
Deutsche Lufthansa South Atlantic Airmail Service 1934-1939 by James W Graue & John Duggan (2000)   Graue/Duggan
Irish Crash Airmails, second edition by Ronny Vogt (1997)   Vogt
Les Marques Aéropostales by J. Le Pileur (1939)   Pileur
Luchtpostcatalogus van Nederland en Overzeese Rijksdelen 2012
by Nederlandse Vereniging van Aero-Philatelisten “De vliegende Hollander” (2012)
Luftpostens historia i Norden / The History of Airmail in Scandinavia by Örjan Lüning (1978)   Lüning
Movements of Aircraft on Imperial Airways’ African Route 1931-1939 by Peter Wingent (1991)   Wingent
Norwegian Air Mail by Egil H. Thomassen (1998)   Thomassen
Post D-Day Swiss Mail to/from Great Britain and the Americas
by Charles J. LaBlonde (2012)
Rampstukken by W. Baron Six van Oterleek (1965)   Oterleek
The Australian Air Mail Catalogue, 7th Edition (2002)   AusAMC