Crash site Guadix, Spain
Airline Compagnie Générale d’Entreprises Aéronautiques (C.G.E.A.)
Aircraft Bréguet 14  –  F-ALVE)                              
Route Casablanca  –  Malaga  –  Alicante  –  Toulouse
Crew 1  –  0 survivor
Passengers 2  –  0 survivors


The crash

The plane with two passengers on board was nearing Guadix when the pilot encountered engine problems. He attempted to make an emergency landing, but at low hight the plane hit the cable of a telephone line and crashed and burst into flames.


The mail

At least some of the mail was recovered and transported to Toulouse, France for further processing.
As much of the mail was damaged by fire it was forwarded in a French service cover with a manuscript note referring to the crash. 
Ex:  Lettre deteriore accident d’avion, incendie d’avion  etc.




Examples of mail

A much charred cover from Rabat, Morocco addressed to Stockholm, Sweden. The cover was forwarded in a French service cover model No 1417 with a manuscript note about the crash and a postmark TOULOUSE  28 – 7  22.
Unknown Collection.

Cover from Morocco with field post office postmark TRESOR ET POSTES 417 dated 17 7 22. Franked with 3 x 25 cent stamps postmarked MEKNES VILLENOUVELLE   MAROC   23-7 22.
The damaged cover was forwarded to Sweden in a French service cover (different from the one above). The manuscript “crash” note is also different. The cover was postmarked at TOULOUSE 29  VII  1922.
Accordning to the arrival postmark on the back the cover arrived at LAMHULT 3  8 1922.
Unknown Collection.