Crash site Copenhagen harbour, Denmark
Airline Junkers Luftverkehr AG
Aircraft Junkers A 20  –  D-704  –  Castor
Route Warnemünde  –  Copenhagen
Crew 2  –  2 survivors
Passengers 0


The crash

The mail plane left Warnemünde in the evening as planned. After a one hour flight it landed on the water in the harbour close to the Naval flying boat station. After rolling 60 meter the left float suddenly broke down and the plane rolled around and came to rest with the floats in the air. A boat from the Naval station soon picked up the two crew members.
The next day the plane was towed into Copenhagen. It was later transported to AB Flygindustri in Limhamn, Sweden were it was repaired during the period 17.11.1925 – 3.6.1926. Later it was transferred to the newly formed company Deutsche Lufthansa.


The mail

According to newspaper reports it was presumed that the mail was lost. But it later turned out that at least some mail was recovered.
So far only one item is known – a cover from Berlin to Stockholm.



Danish label.
Purple print on white paper.
Size textblock:  ?

Damaged due to airplane crash in the water.





Examples of mail

Cover from Germany with illegible postmarks on front, but on the back is a clear BERLIN C 9.11.25. The cover was addressed to Stockholm, Sweden where it eventually arrived on 12.11.25.
On the back is a Danish crash label type A and a violet 2-line handstamp KØBENHAVNS OMKARTERINGSPOSTKONTOR.
Private Collection.