Crash site Alicante, Spain 
Airline CGEA (Compagnie Generale d’Entreprises Aeronautiques) 
Aircraft Breguet-Latécoère 14  –  F-AEEP 
Route Casablanca  –  Alicante  –  Barcelona  –  Toulouse 


The crash

Not much information about the crash of this flying boat is known.
On final approach to Alicante, Spain the plane hit the roof of a house and crashed in flames.


The mail

A small part of the mail was recovered and transported from Alicante to Toulouse, France by the ship S/S Chili. After processing in Toulouse the mail was forwarded to the recipients in French service covers with a special label attached. Both the service covers and labels can be found in different types.
Only one Nordic item is known.




French label.
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Mail found in the debris of the mail plane which burned at Alicante 11 December 1925.





Examples of mail

19251211-005a 19251211-005c
Cover from Morocco postmarked CASABLANCA 9 12 25 to Copenhagen, Denmark. The cover was forwarded from TOULOUSE GARE 23 12 25 in a French service cover type No 10-2 with crash label type A-a.