Crash site Malgrat de Mar, Spain
Airline CGA (Compagnie Générale Aéropostale)
Aircraft Latécoère 25  –  F-AIUU
Route Casablanca  –  Alicante  –  Barcelona  –  Perpignan  –  Toulouse
Crew 1  –  1 survivor
Passengers 0


The crash

Shortly after take off from Barcelona the mail plane flew into heavy fog, and due to the poor visibility the pilot decided to make a forced landing at Malgrat de Mar around 19 o’clock.
After the landing the plane caught fire probably due to a leaking fuel tank.


The mail

The plane carried 130 kilos of mail of which 100 kilos could be recovered – mostly in burned condition.
The mail came from Africa and South America. At that time there was no airmail connection across the Atlantic Ocean, so mail was sailed from Natal, Brazil to Dakar, Senegal by the so-called “avisos” which were small and fast naval boats. From Dakar CGA operated an air route to Casablanca.




French handstamp.
Size: 53 x 15 mm.
Date either with small handstamp or in manuscript.
Airmail correspondence / delayed and damaged / as a result of the air accident / occurred on _____





Examples of mail

Cover from Argentina postmarked BUENOS AIRES  5- DE 28 to Gothenburg, Sweden. The cover show the French crash handstamp type A.
Private Collection.
Cover from Morocco postmarked CASABLANCA 14-12 28 with handstamp type A. As this is a window envelope without contents the recipient can not be identified, and there is no arrival marking at the back. The name of the sender ”Nils Fröberg” sounds very Swedish, but there is no proof that the cover was actually sent to Sweden.
Ekenstierna Collection.