Crash site South of Bornholm, Denmark
Airline Deutsche Lufthansa
Aircraft Dornier Wal  –  D-864  –  Hecht           
Route Stettin, Germany  –  Kalmar  –  Stockholm
Crew 3  –  2 survivors
Passengers 5  –  1 survivor


The crash

When the flying boat was approaching Bornholm one of the engines failed. The pilot decided to make an emergency landing on the water around 18 naut. miles from land. At 16:10 the motor vessel “Maja” arrived on the site. It was decided to try and tow the plane to the nearest harbor. Over the next hours the weather became much worse and reached storm force.
At 19:00 the flying boat capsized and the tow line broke. Other ships soon arrived at the scene, but it was only possible to rescue three of the occupants.
The plane sank to the bottom of the sea.


The mail

According to a press report the plane carried some mail and several packages in the luggage compartment. This went down with the plane and no mail was recovered.




Examples of mail