Crash site Warren, Ohio, USA
Airline National Air Transport
Aircraft Boeing 95 – NC412E
Route Chicago – Cleveland – New York/Newark
Crew 1 – survived
Passengers 0


The crash

The postal plane was flying the Contract Air Mail Route 17 (CAM-17). Soon after departure from Cleveland the engine failed and pilot Amberse M. Banks attempted to make an emergency landing. At 01:00 the plane was close to the ground when it hit a pole and caught fire. The plane was destroyed and the pilot was injured.


The mail

The plane carried 408 kg of mail which was recovered – mostly in partly burned condition.
The American Air Mail Catalogue list 5 different handstamps from this crash, but not the one illustrated below (C).
As this was a domestic flight it probably did not carry much mail for overseas destinations. The only Nordic items I have seen are the two covers shown belos.is a cover to Denmark.


Handstamp with date.
Size:  66 x 10 mm.



Handstamp with date.
Size:  65 x 10 mm.



3-line handstamp with date.
Size:  ?
Not listed in the AAMC in this form.

Delayed in PLANE FIRE / at WARREN, O. / 9-21-30


Service Covers:
Many different types were used.
The one shown below measures 241 x 104 mm.




Examples of mail

Cover from USA postmarked ROCKFORD ILL. SEP 20 1930 and addressed to Sweden. As the cover was much damaged by fire it was returned to the sender in a standard service cover.
On the cover handstamp type A and on the service cover is a very faint handstamp type  C.
Thiesen Collection.

19300921 010a  
Cover from Minneapolis SEP 20 1929 to Copenhagen, Denmark with the U.S. handstamp not recorded in American Air Mail Catalogue. No Danish markings.
Private Collection.