Crash site Warren, Ohio, U.S.A.
Airline National Air Transport
Aircraft Boeing 95 – NC412E
Route Chicago – Cleveland – New York/Newark
Crew 1 – survived
Passengers 0


The crash

The postal plane was flying the Contract Air Mail Route 17 (CAM-17). Soon after departure from Cleveland the enigne failed and pilot Amberse M. Banks attempted to make an emergency landing. At 01:00 the plane was close to the ground when it hit a pole and caught fire. The plane was destroyed and the pilot was injured.


The mail

The plane carried 408 kg of mail which was recovered – mostly in partly burned condition.
The American Air Mail Catalogue list 5 different handstamps from this crash, but not the one illustrated below.
As this was a domestic flight it probably did not carry much mail for overseas destinations. The only Nordic cover I have seen is a cover to Denmark.


19300921 AA.
3-line handstamp with date.
Size: ?
Not listed in the AAMC in this form.

Delayed in PLANE FIRE / at WARREN, O. / 9-21-30



Examples of mail

19300921 010a  
Cover from Minneapolis SEP 20 1929 to Copenhagen, Denmark with the U.S. handstamp not recorded in American Air Mail Catalogue. No Danish markings.