Crash site Alhambra, California, USA
Airline Western Air Express 
Aircraft Fokker F.10  –  NC5170                                                  
Route Salt Lake City  –  San Diego 
Crew 1  –  1 survivor


The crash

During the nightly flight the pilot encountered engine problems. He tried to land the plane but crashed near Alhambra at 02:40.


The mail

260 kg of burned or water-soaked mail was salvaged and brought to the Los Angeles Post Office Department for further processing. Most of the mail could be forwarded to the recipients, but some mail had to be returned to the sender.
As this was a domestic flight very little Nordic mail was onboard. The only item I have seen is a cover sent from Denmark – see below.


A.19301222 A
2-line handstamps.
Red and violet.
Size: 49 x 9 mm.
Two identical handstamps were probably produced.



Examples of mail

19301222 001a 19301222 001b
19301222 001c 19301222 001d

Cover from Denmark postmarked KØBENHAVN K  6. DECB 1930 to USA  with crash handstamp type A in violet at the back. The cover was much charred and the recipient could not be identified. The cover was returned to Denmark in a printed Los Angeles service cover which was closed with a neutral brown resealing tape (38 mm wide). Also on the service cover is the crash handstamp type A struck in red.
Note the poor remains of a Danish christmas seal on the back of the cover.
Ex. Thiesen Collection