Crash site Carchuna, Spain
Airline CGA (Compagnie Générale Aéropostale)
Aircraft Latécoère 28  –  F-AJJM
Route Casablanca  –  Alicante  –  Barcelona  –  Perpignan  –  Toulouse
Crew 2  –  2 survivors
Passengers 6  –  6 survivors


The crash

On a flight from Casablanca to Alicante the plane encountered engine problems. The pilot decided to ditch the plane in the sea 50 meters from the beach at Playa de Carchuna.
The crew and passengers evacuated safely and swam to the beach. The left wing and the tail was torn off at the impact. The plane was later towed into the beach.


The mail

All the mail was recovered four hours later in watersoaked condition. The mail was transported to Barcelona from where it was forwarded to Toulouse or Marseille.
The mail show a single-line handstamp COURRIER ACCIDENTE or different manuscript notes. Due to the stay in the water the stamps were usually soaked off.





Examples of mail

A much travelled cover from Chile with postmark SANTIAGO 10.3.32 and addressed to the Chilean Consulate in Montpellier, Herault, France. Here the cover was taxed with 30 centimes and postmarked MONTPELLIER 21.3.32. The cover was then forwarded to Germany where a German 25 Pf. stamp was affixed and postmarked MANNHEIM 13.4.32. Finally the cover was forwarded to Stockholm, Sweden where it arrived 16.4.32. 
This cover is stated to be from this crash, but I really doubt that. All other mail from this crash has missing stamps and show various handwritten notes about the crash or a singel-line handstamp ”COURRIER ACCIDENTE”.
Unknown Collection.