Crash site Near Konstanz, Germany
Airline Deutsche Lufthansa
Aircraft Heinkel He 70  –  D-UDAS  –  Habicht
Route Seville   –  Stuttgart  –  Berlin
Crew 2  –  0 survivors
Passengers 0


The crash

The mail plane was to transport the airmail from South America on the final stage from Seville, Spain to Berlin via Stuttgart. The mail arrived in Seville at 04:01 and was loaded on board “Habicht” which left Seville at 06:06. At around 16:00 the plane crashed at Schienen 20 km. west of Konstanz.plane left Seville. A reascue worjer reported that the plane was totally damaged, but there had not been any fire, and all the mailbags were intact.
Some sources say the the plane also made a stop in Marseille between 11.00 and 11.28 before continuing towards Stuttgart.


The mail

On board the plane was 132.1 kilos of mail sent from South America (Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay are known).
All the mail was recovered and transported by rail to Stuttgart for processing. Most mail was undamaged and show no crash markings. Some torn covers were repaired with a pink label.
Mail addressed to Germany and France is known. And perhaps also the cover to Sweden shown below.
If the plane made a stop in Marseille why was the mail for France not unloaded there ?
Very few items from this crash has been saved. Probably because they show no interesting markings etc.



German resealing-label.
Pink w/black printing.
Size:    ?







Examples of mail

Cover from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with illegible postmark dated 9 JAN 1935. The window envelope has no content, so it is not possible to determine the recipient country. As the cover was followed with the shown Swedish newspaper clipping describing the crash, it might very well be a cover originally addressed to Sweden.
Thiesen Collection.