Crash site Amsterdam/Schiphol airport, Netherlands
Airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Aircraft Fokker F.XXII – PH-AJQ – Kwikstaart
Route Amsterdam РHamburg РCopenhagen РMalm̦
Crew 5 – 1 survivor
Passengers 15 – 13 survivors


The crash

The plane left Schiphol airport at 09:37. Immediately after take off and still in the initial climb both left side engines lost power. The captain decided to return to the airport, but during the final left turn the plane stalled and at 09:40 the plane crashed close to a road which was under construction. When the plane hit the ground it caught fire and was completely destroyed.
The problems with the left engines were caused by reduced fuel flow to the engines.


The mail

The plane did not carry any mail from the Netherlands. A small bundle of tightly bound covers from Great Britain was recovered from the wreck.
Nierinck shows a British label which was used on returned mail.
Only one cover from this crash is known, and this is the cover shown below from London to Stockholm, Sweden.


19350714 A




British explanation note used by the the Return Letter Section, London with mail which was returned to the British senders.
This is illustrated by Nierinck, but I have so far not seen any mail with the note.




Examples of mail

19350714 001a 19350714 001b
Cover from London 13 July 1935 addressed to Stockholm, Sweden. No special crash markings. The cover was probably returned from Amsterdam to London and might have been returned to the sender with the explanation note type A.
Thiesen Collection.