Crash site Paris, France
Airline Deutsche Lufthansa
Aircraft Junkers Ju 52 – D-APAR – Otto Parschau
Route Berlin – Cologne – Paris/Le Bourget
Crew 3 – no survivors
Passengers 0


The crash

The night service postal plane left Cologne at 02:41 and after 2 hours it approached the Paris/Le Bourget airport. Due to poor visibility caused by thick fog, the pilot was unable to locate the runway, and the plane crashed in the park of a castle in the Chatenay district more than 20 km southwest of the airport.
The plane caught fire and the 3 crew members were killed.


The mail

80 kg mail was recovered. Mostly in bad condition.
The only known Nordic item is a cover from Denmark to France (see illustration below).



Examples of mail

19380222 001a 19380222 001c
Cover from Denmark with metermark KØBENHAVN 21 2 38 and addressed to Lyon, France. The cover was forwarded in French service cover type No 716 F-2 postmarked DEPOT CENTRAL DES REBUTS PARIS 24-2 38.
Thiesen Collection.