Crash site Corsavy, France
Airline Air France
Aircraft Dewoitine D.338 – F-AQBB – Ville de Toulouse
Route Dakar – Saint-Louis – Port-Etienne – Villa Cisneros – Cap Juby – Agadir – Casablanca – Rabat – Tangier – Alicante – Barcelona – Toulouse
Crew 3 – no survivors
Passengers 5 – no survivors


The crash

The plane was performing the final leg of the long flight from Dakar to Toulouse. The plane had left Barcelona and was cruising over the Pyrenees Mountains and around 07:00 it suddenly hit the mountain peak of Cinq Croix less than 1 km from the Las Indies mines. The plane turned over and rolled down into the Ravin de la Prison and caught fire. A search party was organized in Corsavy, but due to a snow storm they had to march three hours before they arrived at the crash site.
The reason for the crash was never determined.


The mail

The recovered mail consisted of four intact mail bags and seven others broken up. Different French handstamps, resealing labels and service covers are known. Only 3 Nordic items are known and all are shown below. None of these have Nordic crash markings.



Examples of mail

19380323 001a 19380323 001b
Cover from Brazil postmarked SERVICO AEREO AMAZONAS 14 III 38 to Forshaga, Sweden. 4-line French handstamp + datestamp 23 MARS 1938 in blue + French resealing labels. The cover arrived in Forshaga on 30.3.1938.
Thiesen Collection.

Much charred cover from Brazil with illegible postmark but written 16/3 1938. The cover is addressed to Denmark but shows no crash markings.
Thiesen Collection.

19380323 008a 19380323 008b
Cover from Venezuela postmarked CARACAS 16 MAR 1938 to Copenhagen.
4-line French handstamp + datestamp 23 MARS 1938 in violet + French resealing labels (different type).
Thiesen Collection.