Crash site Hanover airport, Germany
Airline Deutsche Lufthansa
Aircraft Junkers Ju 52  –  D-AFOP  –  Karl Hochmuth
Route Berlin  –  Hanover  –  Cologne  –  London
Crew 3  –  0 survivors
Passengers 3  –  0 survivors


The crash

The night plane left Berlin on 30.8. in the evening and landed as planned in Hanover. The plane rolled for start from Hanover at 04:11 and just after take off the plane stalled and crashed. The plane was totally destroyed.


The mail

On board the plane was 1.123 kg mail and 857 kg. freight. Only around 10 mail bags was recovered.


German manuscript endorsement.                           Beim Flugzeugunglück
Black ink.                                                                        beschädigt.
                                                                                         Amtlich verschlossen. 
                                                                                         + 2 signatures + HANNOVER postmark 
Text translation:
Damaged in plane crash
Officially sealed





French label ?
Size textblock:  43 x 7 mm.

Text translation:
Damaged in accident – airplane.





Examples of mail

Registered cover from Denmark postmarked HORNBÆK 26.8.39 and addressed to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The damaged cover was repaired with a couple of German Post Office  labels. On the back is a manuscript note type A + HANNOVER postmark dated 7.9.39 and a Brazilian arrival postmark PRACA D. CAXIAS MARINGA dated 30.IX.39. Also on the back is the small crash label type C with French text. Perhaps the cover was forwarded to Brazil via France ?
Thiesen Collection.