Crash site Antilla, Cuba
Airline Pan American Airways
Aircraft Sikorsky S-42  –  NC823M  –  Hong Kong Clipper
Route San Juan, Puerto Rico  –  Port au Prince, Haiti  –  Antilla, Cuba  –  Miami
Crew 5  –  5 survivors
Passengers 26  –  9 survivors


The crash

The flying boat was operating flight 218 from San Juan to Miami. On takeoff from Antilla harbour one of the engines failed, the pilot lost control and at 13:20 the plane crashed into Nipe Bay 800 m southeast of Antilla. The investigation indicated loss of control due to the captain’s inexperience in handling this particular type of airplane.


The mail

The plane carried mail for USA and also some mail destined for Europe. The mail was processed at Miami, where a special handstamp was used.
Nierinck and The American Air Mail Catalogue mention a handstamp and a couple of labels from this crash.
The only Nordic mail which I have recorded is the cover illustrated below.



Examples of mail



Registered cover from The Royal Legation of Denmark in Buenos Aires, Argentina to Reykjavik, Iceland. Postmark is illegible as stamps have floated off. At the back Miami transit markings of AUG 12 1944.
Icelandic arrival postmarks of REYKJAVIK 12 IX 44 and 14 IX 44 and also SAUDARKROKUR  15 9 44.