Crash site Frelsdorf north of Bremen, Germany
Airline Air France
Aircraft Douglas DC-3  –  F-BAOD
Route Paris/Le Bourget  –  Malmö  –  Stockholm
Crew 4  –  4 survivors
Passengers ?  –  all survived


The crash

As the plane was flying near Bremen the right engine caught fire and fell off. The engineer managed to extinguish the fire. The plane lost balance and dived 100 meters, but the pilot managed to land in a field despite a damaged landing gear.
The reason for the fire was never determined.
The plane was transported back to France, where it was repaired and later returned to service. On 16 February 1950 it crashed at the Cotonou Airport, Benin, Africa.


The mail

According to Nierinck the mail was recovered and forwarded by train.
No mail from this incident has been recorded.




Examples of mail