Crash site Amsterdam/Schiphol airport, Netherlands 
Airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 
Aircraft Douglas C-47A  –  PH-TBW 
Route London/Croydon  –  Amsterdam/Schiphol 
Crew 5  –  0 survivors 
Passengers 21  –  0 survivors 


The crash

The plane left Croydon at 16:24 and approached Schiphol in bad weather conditions. The first two attempts to land had failed. While approaching for the 3rd time the pilot found himself not properly lined up with the runway. A sharp left turn was made during which the airplane struck the ground. The plane crashed at 18:50 and burst into flames.


The mail

A part of the 63 kg of mail was recovered. The mail was destined for the Netherlands coming from as different countries as England, Greece, Iceland and Trinidad.
Only one Nordic item is known – a cover from Iceland to the Netherlands.




Examples of mail

19461114 001a 19461114 001b

Cover from Iceland postmarked REYKJAVIK -6 XI 46 and addressed to Tiel, Holland. The cover was repaired by Dutch Post with resealing tape code L 1361 – 46 and forwarded with a small Dutch label (Damaged due to plane crash at Schiphol on 14-11-1946.).
Thiesen Collection.