Crash site Kvammetinden mountain, Lødingen, Norway 
Airline DNL (Det Norske Luftfartselskap) 
Aircraft Short S.25 Sandringham  –  LN-IAV  –  Kvitbjørn 
Route Tromsø  –  Harstad  –  Bodø  –  Brønnøysund  –  Trondheim  – Oslo  –  Bergen  –  Stavanger 
Crew 7  –  0 survivors 
Passengers 28  –  0 survivors 


The crash

The flying boat left Harstad on schedule at 08:50 for Bodø. On its way out of the strait Tjeldsundet, the plane turned westward too soon and at 09:05 it crashed into the side of the 400 m high mountain Kvammetinden north of Lödingen.
The crash investigators concluded that the most possible reason for the crash was navigation error due to bad weather with heavy fog.


The mail

The plane was carrying mail from the Finnmark and Troms counties. According to postal circular No. 114 of 10 October 1947 all the mail was lost. But this was not quite correct. Already on 29 August the newspaper “Aftenposten” reported that some letters from Vardö to Oslo had been found, albeit with scorched edges. These letters were sent on to the addressees in a service cover.
According to Nierinck two covers from this accident are known. I have only seen one of these.



Examples of mail

19470828 001a   

Much charred cover postmarked VADSØ 26.8.47 to Oslo. The cover was forwarded in a Norwegian service cover type Nr. 16.
Thomassen Collection.