Crash site Ballerup, Copenhagen, Denmark
Airline British European Airways (BEA)
Aircraft Vickers Viscount 802  –  G-AOHP
Route London/Heathrow  –  Copenhagen
Crew 2  –  2 survivors
Passengers 0


The crash

The cargo plane took off from Heathrow at 02:30. At 04:46 the plane got cleared for the landing procedure. During approach three of the four engines got problems and sett out. At 05:01 the control-tower lost contact with the plane.
As the plane started to loose hight rapidly the pilots decided to make an emergency landing on a field some 14 miles NW of Copenhagen Airport. At 05:27 the plane hit the ground hard and crashed. The pilots were able to leave the plane unhurt, but they had to wait more than two hours before they were found by a police car.
The probable cause of the engine problems was ice that formed in the engine intakes. Probably due to problems with the deicing system.


The mail

On board the plane was freight, newspapers and mail which due to the impact was spread over a wide area. It was all picked up the same evening.
It should be possible to find items from the crash as there was no fire. But so far no mail has been recorded.




Examples of mail