Crash site Near Godthåb, Greenland
Airline Eastern Provincial Airways operating for Greenlandair
Aircraft Consolidated PBY Catalina  –  CF-IHA
Route Søndre Strømfjord  –  Godthåb
Crew 3  –  3 survivors
Passengers 18  –  3 survivors


The crash

The flying boat left Søndre Strømfjord at 09:05 and arrived as planed in the harbour area of Godthåb.
Due to a mechanical malfunctioning the nose wheel doors were not fully closed and locked. The gaping doors were torn off when the plane hit the water at 10:55 and water was forced into the hull. Only one wing and the tail part were not under water.
Immediately after the accident a dozen of boats and fishing vessel sailed to the crashsite. The plane was towed aground on the nearest island “Hundeøen”. Later it was towed into the harbour of Godthåb, but it was never repaired.


The mail

As this fligt was a scheduled passenger and cargo flight  it certainly carried mail when it crashed. As the plane did not sink it must be assumed that all the mail was salvaged but certainly in watersoaked condition.
It has not been possible to find more detailed information about the mail. So far no items has been recorded.




Examples of mail