Crash site Near Oslo/Fornebu airport, Norway
Airline Icelandair / Flugfélag Islands
Aircraft Vickers Viscount 759D  –  TF-ISU  –  Hrimfaxi
Route Copenhagen  –  Oslo  –  Bergen  –  Reykjavik
Crew 4  –  0 Survivors
Passengers 8  –  0 Survivors


The crash

At 13.18 the plane came in for landing at Fornebu airport when it suddenly stalled and crashed on the top of a hill on the small island Nesøya about 6 km west of the runway. The plane was totally destroyed.
It was not possible for the crash investigators to determine why the pilot lost control of the airplane. Either ice had been formed on the stabilizer or more likely the propellers went over to ground fine pitch.


The mail

On board the plane was mail from various European countries. The Danish Post mentioned that 25 kg. mail from Denmark was on board. Due to the violent crash, only a very small part of the mail could be salvaged.
Nierinck does not mention any mail from this crash, and in 2010 the Swedish auction house Postiljonen offered the Swedish cover shown below with the note ”Possibly the only letter surviving this crash”.

I have so far recorded 10 items from this crash.

From To Iceland
Faroe Islands 1
Sweden 1
Bulgaria 1
East Germany 1
Germany 1
Great Britain 5

The salvaged mail was transported to Reykjavik, Iceland for further processing. Here a special label was printed.


Icelandic label.
Size textblock:  124 x 29 mm.

Enclosed item was recovered from the airplane which crashed at Oslo on the 14th this month. Post Office Reykjavik.


Icelandic label.
Size textblock:  147 x 50 mm.

Similar but with top text.






Examples of mail

Cover from Faroe Islands with part of postmark from THORSHAVN dated 9th April. The cover was forwarded to to the recipient in a small neutral plastic bag together with crash label type A.
Susan Oliver Collection.


Cover from Sweden with missing stamps and only part of postmarks ÄNGELHOLM   13.4.63  and addressed to Reykjavik. Forwarded in a small neutral plastic bag together with crash label type A.
Ekenstierna Collection.

Cover from Sofia, Bulgaria with illegible meter mark addressed to Reykjavik, Iceland. The cover was forwarded with the crash label type A.
Thiesen Collection.

Fragment from a parcel sent from Oberoderwitz, East Germany to Reykjavik, Iceland forwarded with a large crash label type A.
Thiesen Collection.

Cover from Germany metermarked HAMBURG 1 13.4.63 to Reykjavik, Iceland. This cover was forwarded with the rather unusual label type B.
Thiesen Collection.

Cover from England postmarked BOLTON LANCS. 11 APR 1963 to Reykjavik. Forwarded with crash label type A.
Thiesen Collection.