Crash site Mediterranean near Isle of Castellorizo, Greece
Airline BEA  (British European Airways)
Aircraft De Havilland DH-106 Comet  –  G-ARCO 
Route London  –  Athens  –  Nicosia
Crew 7  –  0 survivors
Passengers 59  –  0 survivors


The crash

The flight from Athens to Cyprus was operated by BEA on behalf of Cyprus Airways. The plane took off on schedule 02:30 and an hour later at 03:25 a bomb placed under one of the passenger seats exploded. The explosion severely damaged the plane and the wreckage fell into the sea.


The mail

On board the plane there was 920 kilos of cargo including the mail for Nicosia. Only a small part of the mail was recovered.
The Danish Post reported that Danish mail was on board including mail to the Danish military and police forces stationed on the island.
According to the the Greek Post all registered and a part of the ordinary mail was considered lost. But a registered cover from Germany is known.
So far I have only seen 2 items from this crash (a cover from United States and a cover from Germany).


Greek handstamp.
Size:   ?

Text translation:
Recovered mail from the recent air accident




Examples of mail