Crash site Santa Monica Bay near Los Angeles, USA
Airline Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS)
Aircraft Douglas DC-8  –  LN-MOO  –  Sverre Viking
Route Copenhagen  –  Seattle  –   Los Angeles
Crew 9  –  6 survivors
Passengers 36  –  24 survivors


The crash

The airplane was on approach to the Los Angeles International Airport when it ditched into the water six miles short of the runway. The plane broke into three large pieces, one of which floated for 20 hours.The other pieces sank.
Lack of crew coordination and inadequate monitoring of aircraft position resulted into the unplanned descent into the water.


The mail

The Danish Post informed that the plane carried  8 kilos of Danish mail (letters and postcards) to the states Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Hawaii and the Midway Island.
In Copenhagen another 170 kilos of mail from foreign countries was loaded on board. Among this there could very well have been mail from other Nordic countries.
In addition there was also mail, which was unloaded in Seattle.
Only one item from this crash is known.





Examples of mail

Newspaper wrapper with remnants of the Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” addressed to Los Angeles.Unreadable metermark. Forwarded with a label from the Los Angeles Postmaster.

The item was on sale at the “Postiljonen, Sweden” auction in September 2017 including the label. The lot was not sold. In April 2018 the lot was offered again – but now without the label. What has happened to this label ?
Thiesen Collection.