Crash site Near Toronto airport, Canada
Airline Air Canada
Aircraft Douglas DC-8  –  CF-TIW
Route Montreal  –  Toronto  –  Los Angeles
Crew 9  –  0 survivors
Passengers 100  –  0 survivors


The crash

The plane departed from Montreal/Dorval airport at 07:17. When the plane was 8 miles from Toronto airport at 08:02 the crew started the landing procedure. The attempt to land failed and the pilots tried to abort the landing, but one of the engines struck the runway and fell off along with other pieces from the wing. A go-around was initiated. The plane proceeded to climb out normally, but about 2½ minutes after the initial touchdown an explosion occurred in the right wing which was followed by two more explosions causing large parts of the wing to fall off and also one engine was ripped off and fell to the ground. The airplane then went into a violent manoeuvre, lost height rapidly and at 08.09 it crashed north of the airport.


The mail

Onboard the plane was mail from a wide range of countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. Of the 500 kilos of mail around 272 kilos was recovered and received an explanatory handstamp. More than one handstamp was produced as they can be found in different sizes.


Canadian handstamp.
Size:  74 x 12 mm.



Canadian handstamp.
Size:  91 x 17 mm.






Examples of mail


Cover from Norway postmarked “BUREAU D’ECHANGE D’OSLO  -2-7-70 and addressed to Toronto, Canada. Canadian crash handstamp type A-a on the front of the cover.
Thiesen Collection.

Cover from Norway postmarked TROMSØ  -1-7-70 and addressed to Hamilton, Canada. Canadian crash handstamp type A-b on the back of the cover.
Thiesen Collection.