Crash site Los Angeles International Airport, USA
Airline TWA (Trans World Airlines)
Aircraft Boeing 707  –  N757TW
Route New York/JFK  –  Los Angeles IAP           
Crew 7  –  7 survivors
Passengers 58  –  58 survivors


The crash

The plane departed from John F. Kennedy International Airport on 15 January at 20:25 on a domestic passenger flight to Los Angeles.
After a night visual runway approach, the aircraft touched down. The nose landing gear collapsed upon touchdown at 01:35 and the plane skidded along the runway and eventually caught fire. A postcrash fire destroyded the fuselage and the plane was damagade beyond repair. All onboard got out of the plane and only 8 were injured.
The reason for the crash was that the crew lost outside visual reference just before landing due to a low cloud and fog.


The mail

Most of the mail onboard was domestic mail. Mail from overseas countries is rare.
Some of the mail was recovered and forwarded with either a handstamp or an explanatory note.
So far I have recorded two Nordic items. Both are shown below.


Size: 87 x 67½ mm.



Explanatory label.
Size:  203 x 71½ mm.
Size textblock: 144 x 47 mm.
With purple date stamp.






Examples of mail


Cover from Denmark postmarked KLAMPENBORG 13.1.74 to Pasadena, California with crash handstamp type A. Several stamps are missing as the cover was much watersoked.
Thiesen Collection.

Cover from Finland postmarked HELSINGFORS 10  11-1-74 to Los Angeles, USA.
The much damaged cover was forwarded with a crash label type B.
Thiesen Collection.