Crash site Bogota El Dorado airport,  Colombia
Airline L.A.C.  (Lineas Aéreas del Caribe)
Aircraft Douglas C-118 Liftmaster  –  HK-1705 
Route Bogotá  –  Barranquilla
Crew 3  –  0 survivors
Passengers 9  –  4 survivors


The crash

After takeoff the cargo plane encountered difficulties to gain height. At 16:03 it struck a tree then stalled and crashed in a pasture about one km from the airport.
It was believed that one of the four engines exploded during initial climb for unknown reasons.
Authorities reported after the accident that the plane was not authorized to carry passengers on this flight as it was only configured for cargo flights.


The mail

Most of the mail was destroyed in the fire that broke out.
Very few items (4) are known from this crash.



Colombian handstamp.
Size:   ?


Text translation:
This mail was rescued from the plane H K 1705 of Lineas Aereas del Caribe L A C Crashed in Bogotá on April 29, 1978 and for this reason it is delivered in these conditions.





Examples of mail


Window envelope from Denmark with metermark KØBENHAVN 24.4.78. The original letter is no longer included in the cover so the addresse is not known. Several strikes of the handstamp type A incl. one as a label.
Unknown Collection.